Art and photos

Lots of things look great in real life.  But when transformed into a two dimensional photo, it may look rather mediocre.  Blemishes become more apparent, imperfections in light and shadow become clear as light and day.  A photographer will often twist and contort in order to find an angle that shows the beauty of the object in a print.

Sometimes such a suitable angle could be found, and sometimes one will find a view that exceeds the one in real life.  Sometimes whatever the photographer does, none of the resulting photos satisfy.  Are there scenes that simply cannot look good in a photo, or does the photographer simply need to work harder?

This light sculpture in these photos is a clever interaction of lights and mirrors.  However its look and feel in real life is completely different to the look and feel as captured by my camera.


  1. by Patrick K Lee on June 8, 2011  12:41 AM Reply

    Your site is iPad friendly wor. Nice photos too.

  2. by caf on July 3, 2011  9:24 PM Reply

    I thought it was a yoyo for a split second looking at the first picture. Heh.
    Wow, it's a really pretty sculpture.
    Excellent job capturing it's beauty.

    • by V L on July 3, 2011  11:14 PM Reply

      It's a great sculpture, I think it'd look even more amazing if it was in a darkened room!

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