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  • Walk in Aviary

  • We went to the Walk in Aviary in Canberra a little while ago. It had lots of birds as expected, what was not expected was how crazy they were about the apple pieces you could buy to feed them with. You really had to watch your fingers (and your ears! [...]
  • Stanwell Park day trip

  • We went down to Stanwell Park a few weeks ago. We ate at the palms cafe, which was quite nice but obviously priced for tourists. Down a bit further at the beach there were lots of surfers despite the cold, but the waves didn't seem very big.
  • Ocean Park

  • Ocean Park was, and still is Hong Kong's premier amusement park. Not only was it cheaper than Disney, there was more to do inside and a larger variety of attractions. Food was also both edible and affordable, no complaints here! Well, the arrival [...]
  • Jurong Bird Park

  • The Jurong Bird Park - the largest bird park in the world.  It is kinda far from everything, but there are so many species of birds there that it's definitely worth seeing if you have half a day to spare. Unfortunately for us, this was one of the day [...]