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  • Armor All Auto Show

  • The Armor All Auto Show at the Sydney Telstra 500 showcased customised cars from over 1000 exhibitors. The star of the show was a 1966 Batmobile, although personally I was more excited by one of the motorcycles there. Read on and you'll see why. [...]
  • V8 Supercars 2011

  • The main event at the Sydney Telstra 500. Hurtling down lanes that were at places only a little more than 2 car widths, I sometimes wondered whether it was wise to sign that indemnity form! With the cars jumping kerbs like this, several times I wo [...]
  • Carrera Cup 2011

  • The Carrera Cup is the fastest single-make race in the world, and also the support category I most wanted to see in the V8 Supercars Championship. Making its comeback after missing the last 2 years, the race is comprised of identical Porsche 911 GT3s [...]
  • V8 Ute Series 2011

  • The V8 Ute Series at the Sydney Telstra 500. These are not the run of the mill utes you see every day! Some of these photos were published in an article in The ONE Magazine, January 2012 Issue. The ONE is a Chinese & Japanese bilingual magaz [...]