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  • Tank Spider

  • This is my favorite kind of spider.  Well actually it's the only type of spider that I like... It has a head that looks like a tank turret.  And so many eyes.  And the best thing about it is that it doesn't move much, so is perfect for photos. [...]
  • Mittagong

  • We went back to Mittagong to catch the end of the flowering season.  This time instead of being ridiculously windy it was ridiculously sunny and hot.  I keep forgetting sunscreen on the underside of my left forearm, which faces up when holding my cam [...]
  • Spring 春

  • Spring was supposed to be the time for flowers and bugs, but it seemed every time we went out, it would rain or there would be gale force winds.  Well, here's a few from Mt Annan a few weeks back.
  • Kokoen Garden 好古園

  • Adjacent to Himeji castle but a 5min walk around the wall is Kokoen Garden.  You can buy combo entry tickets to the castle and garden, and the reason is that if you didn't have the ticket you'd be so tired after walking the castle you'd just go home. [...]