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  • Chrissie Chau @ Sublime

  • Urban Agent have done it again!  Another leng-mo brought over from Hong Kong for another party, this time at the 3 storey 'Home' at Darling Harbour!  I wonder if they plan to bring them all over eventually? Unfortunately Chrissie didn't let photogra [...]
  • Xmas party クリスマス・パーティ 09

  • Xmas party 09 at Heritage Court.  Hope everyone had fun!  I didn't get to sleep until about 3! なんと28人も参加したクリスマス・パーティだ~!マージャン、カラオケ、ポーカーもあって、1時ぐらいまで遊んでいた。翌日11時ぐらいまで寝てた。もっと寝たかったけど腹が減っておきちゃった。。。 Warning: 81 pics inside! [...]