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  • LensAlign MkII

  • Anyone who has tried AF tuning will know that the paper at 45 degrees doesn't really work, and that the staggered blocks method is very imprecise. LensAlign MkII fixes these problems by providing a method for perfect alignment and easy evaluation of [...]
  • Camera brand quirks

  • Weird stuff they don't tell you at the camera shop. Lens mounts Plastic lens mounts exist only on the cheapest Sony/Nikon/Canon lenses. These lenses are generally of low quality and may also use plastic or composite elements rather than groun [...]
  • Flash quirks

  • Hotshoe flash.  They're all the same right?  Well not really.  There are so many weird quirks with each brand, and sometimes it's not obvious that your brand doesn't work the same way as another brand.  Physical differences are easy enough to spot [...]